See it. Want it. Buy it.

Unlock revenue and customer loyalty drivers from television, movies, and digital video

Current Situation

• Commercials are declining in efficacy.
• Consumers cannot engage with TV ads or live content.
• Consumers are dropping cable altogether.
• Brands don’t have the tools to engage and monetize relevant content.

Our Solution

• Allow brands to have a continuous connection to content viewers.
• Provide platform for monetizing content on TV or any device.
• Create a value-add second screen viewing experience for brands.
• Be the missing link between brands and content viewers

The future is here

Our patented technology allows brands and content producers to engage with viewers before, during, or after relevant objects and content is seen. Brands can provide added value to content viewing by allowing fans to engage with their products and earn rewards. The examples below illustrate the many ways in which our object recognition technology can be used to engage viewers.


We Go Beyond Purchasing


A single frame of video content provides many opportunities for live event sponsors to engage with the content viewer at home.

Our recognition tech can be added to any app.

For Example: A content studio app or a brand loyalty app.

Smooth user flow.

We use familiar mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Android Pay, Visa, and Mastercard to create frictionless and trusted transactions.


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